A responsive design and a fresh main page layout for NCTU Library booking system.
By MVC design pattern, views for mobile devices and desktop could be built in different pages by the same controller code.

Goto: http://hallbooking.lib.nctu.edu.tw

本網站利用開放資料API資訊供選民參考各候選人政見 (政見多寡會影響統計機率數據)

Goto: http://vote.kueiapp.com

     The new service of National Chiao Tung University Library - "English Center" was published. I designed a clear and responsive layout for all mobile devices and desktop computers. The main purpose of providing the website is to make NCTU members get the materials online easily so that I didn't use too fancy and complicated design.

Go to:http://english.lib.nctu.edu.tw

National Chiao Tung University Library announced 3D printing service which is the first public service in universities in Taiwan. I designed an easy and elegant website for users to upload their 3D models to our central server. In this website, users could know some hints about 3D model design and printing skills as well.

Go to: http://print3d.lib.nctu.edu.tw
RapidILL is a world-wide inter-library service. We designed an user-friendly and responsive webpage for our users and let them type in as less data as they can for National Chiao Tung University Library. Therefore we use drop down boxes to collect some optional columns.


New inter-campus library service, combined loan and printing service, was published.
The website comes with a clear design without useless information.
The app system will go after it as soon as possible.