JP Diary 學學日語 v1.1 Published

利用寫日記的方式學習日本語,與 Siri、Widget、Watch、iCloud 同步結合,發揮 Apple 體系的最大能量

Update v1.1
1. Bugs fixed for using Camera on iPad.
2. Save diaries to Apple Watch even watchOS app is not active.
3. Web browsing tab is added to let users read favorite news page and save sentences to notes & diary.
4. UI modification.
5. Performance improved.


Notes sentents of mother tongue by SiriTM and gets translation directly

Refer to Siri commands
  1. Say: message through JP Diary.
  2. 說:傳訊息到學學日語.

Launch listening all notes in Japanese by Siri ShortcutTM

  2. Say in example: Listen all Japanese notes
  3. You can make it in Siri ShortcutTM setting page

Adding your setences of mother tongue

It translates all sentences to Japanese

Listening and Reading news to learn Japanese

  1. Articles from NHK Easy NewsTM

Quickly paste sentence of mother tongue

  1. Copy sentences you want to learn in iPhoneTM

Try it from our page and Github: link


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