RapidILL is a world-wide inter-library service. We designed an user-friendly and responsive webpage for our users and let them type in as less data as they can for National Chiao Tung University Library. Therefore we use drop down boxes to collect some optional columns.


New inter-campus library service, combined loan and printing service, was published.
The website comes with a clear design without useless information.
The app system will go after it as soon as possible.

極簡的設計風格。整合Yahoo, Ptt, Imdb, Rotten Tomato 四台影評資訊,讓您一次比較不同的電影評論,不去影院花冤枉錢。
點擊每個時刻鈕,讓您輕易地用 mail,簡訊,LINE,電話通知您的親朋好友,一起進影院欣賞喜歡的電影。

皇家律師事務所的專業律師團隊, 自2006年起即為來自國外的投資者及移民們提供最專業的法律建議。同時也被評選為紐西蘭華人社群中最受肯定的專業律師事務所及移民顧問。很高興這次能和皇家律師事務所合作。 go to download

Why we have the system

The system, collected data from Web of Science included SCI, SSCI, CPCI, CPCI_S, and TSSCI databases, is for maintenance, statistics, and analysis of research energy of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). 


Users can maintain all their publication on the system. It converts all different data set into personal websites, APA format, and National Science Council format automatically. In addition, the system was designed with visual data. Users can see all data sets in graphics to realize the research trend in NCTU.

 Personal Publication Maintenance

Publication Statistics & Analysis

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The program is developed on Android 2.3 SDK.

This app helps people easily report someone who breaks traffic laws by the simple procedure, write on a little information, take photos, and send data. If people who don't live in Taiwan want to have this program in your city, please contact me. I will design another app for you.


iOS 8 compatible

This app is for providing online resources of National Chiao Tung University library.

In the first version, readers can access online e-Books, personal information of library, saving bookmarks, and sharing data on Facebook. In the future, we will provide more online resources such as open courses, e-Learning, or other published online resources.